Monday, 28 October 2013


Wow I have been extremely busy this past month.  Started back on my degree and had tons of work to do.

This is just a quick update as I am off to Manchester today to get primary research for my new Lingerie Brief.  I'll write back and update it properly.

For now, here is my Mood Board and Industrial board for this project (Illustration to be updated)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Project Madness

So over the past few months I should really have been focusing on my new project for the second year of my foundation degree in Fashion.  The basic idea is to pick two cultures that are opposite and combine them in garments.   o_O

When I first saw this I was thinking this can go either really fantastically or be an epic fail...seen as I've not done much, its tending towards epic fail.
So in my free time I have started my sketchbook; Drew out a few illustrations and stuck in some research and I think my ideas are starting to form in my head.

I chose the Punk era to clash with 1940's make-do-and-mend era.  Chose these before I knew Punk/Goth and 1940's prints were coming into fashion in Autumn/Winter.  Maybe I'm psychic.

Anyway, on topic, I found this video that sums up the 1940's a little, then found some 1940s burlesque that made me giggle.

To be honest, its her wiggling that made me giggle.